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Sutton Coldfield Observer

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Rizvana Darr (Headteacher) Addeley Primary School

“Donna has transformed Adderley Primary School!! Her creativity, her flair and her
imagination has brought our school to life for every single child. Everywhere our children
walk they are learning. Education is the passport to their future and our children are thriving
in the learning environment that Donna has created for them.

She has created this on walls, down corridors and in our libraries…simply everywhere!

She is a very gifted artist and we have been incredibly lucky to have her make a difference to
our school life for our children.

The smiles on their faces as they read everything as they are walking experiencing their
school lives at Adderley are magical.”


Mark Cadwallader (Deputy Head teacher) The Deanery C of E School

“I was amazed at the quality and passion of Donna’s designs, and the 2D and 3D mural of
the universe did not disappoint in real life – it really is a wow moment when you walk into the

ICT suite for the first time”


The Coventry Telegraph

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Carl Glasgow (Head teacher) Boldmere Junior school

“Donna from Eden Designs was able to transform a totally uninspiring ICT suite into a
fantastic learning environment that all the children love to come to. Her concept fitted my
brief perfectly and I could not be happier with the end result. The whole room has been
transformed by her amazing mural work that she designed and created specifically for our

school. If you required any mural work in your school, I would not hesitate in recommending
Eden Designs to you.”


Alison Walklett (Head teacher) New Oscott Primary School

“The art work is stunning and completely captures our theme for the year. It is an incredible
achievement that 360 pupils all contributed in some way to making a star to adorn the
rainbow of colours, and the effect is truly breathtaking. Pupils, staff and our many visitors to
school all stop to admire the art as they pass by.

The children all enjoyed working with you to create their stars and the overall piece is an
inspiration to us all. You may be pleased to hear that the completion of the work coincided
with the news that we have achieved a Gold Arts Mark for our commitment to the creative
arts. Clearly, your art work has helped us towards this nationally recognised award”


Jenny Clapham Percy Shurmer School

“Donna has transformed our entrance hall and stairwell with her child friendly mural. The
mural of a reading tree outside the school library has been a great talking point with the
children. A map of the world on the stairwell which identifies the many countries that our
students originate from has enabled the children to share with others. We are planning to
employ Donna for many more projects.”


Afzal Hussain (Assistant Headteacher) Adderley Primary School

“The work that Donna has carried out at our school is simply exceptional! She has absolutely
lifted the whole learning environment and added another dimension with her magical
paintbrush! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Donna to create an environment
where children will be happy, grow in self confidence, thrive academically and make the
most of the many learning opportunities at school.

Donna has been very creative with all the ideas presented to her and has produced
truly inspirational artwork for the children at Adderley. The walls have enhanced their
experiences as they walk around the school and this has made an enormous contribution
to their wellbeing and the curriculum.”